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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let me hope all was well in October.

Home status

The Home is moving on well with 44 children 20 girls and 24 boys.

The children are well but with a few who have been sick with fever, flu and cough.

The Staff is doing well too. We do appreciate the love and care you have for the Home.

New Children

In this month we got 1 child Ryan Ayebale Anny 3 weeks old who lost his mother after 3 week. Ryan has a grandfather who is helpless and the father is unable to take care of him because he is very young and still in school.

Physiotherapy classes

The physiotherapy classes are going on well and Kisembo John is on another stage of making his legs grow well.

Kasiisi project

Kasiisi is doing well. We have planted different crops especially vegetables like beans, groundnuts, Cassava, pumpkins and many others.


Kagote project

Kagote is doing very well too. We have matooke and some vegetables.


The Home is moving on well and the children are well too. We celebrated Rachel’s birthday on 1.11.2020 and it was so nice.


Our guard rails and mosquito window mesh are renovating for all the houses.



Thank you Lord for the Love and Care you provide for us.

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