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I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you for the love and care you give to these innocent souls.


The Home is moving on well with 46 children 22 girls and 24 boys.


We got 1 baby girl Ninsiima Vania 4 months who was almost being killed by her own father. He got a panga and almost killed the mother and her baby. The probation officer together with the police rescued them and the baby was brought to the Home for safety. The mother had to hide at the relatives’ home and she promised when she settles down she will come and pick her child.


The physiotherapy classes are going on well and we have appointments to meet the physiotherapists at their offices 3 times a week.

This has helped our children to improve in their lives.

Kasiisi project

Kasiisi is doing well.  We have prepared the land for planting new crops like irish, beans, maize, sweet potatoes, etc

This month it’s a dry season and we are still preparing the gardens to plant new


Kagote project

Kagote is doing very well too. We have matooke and some vegetables and we harvest matooke every week.


  1. We appreciate the international Donors especially Children Need Parents who continuously support the running of the Home and pay staff salary, Partner Chaft Gesude Welt who help in the daily running of the Home and some renovations , Volunteers and the local Donors who continuously support the Home especially in this Covid 19 crisis.

  2. We thank Marina for all the love and support towards the Treatment of Keron.

  3. To the Spanish volunteers who help in so many things especially feeding the children, buying clothes and buying some pampers.

  4. To all the staff members who make this Home move on very well and always putting a smile on these innocent souls.

  5. To all the Trustees and Board Members for the love and support despite of the little time they have.

  Thank you Lord for the Love and Care you provide for us.

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