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Greetings from Toro Babies Home.

Let me hope all is well. Let me hope the Festive season was wonderful. 2020 was a very hectic year but we have God for our donors Children need Parents who continuously supported the Home with salaries for staff, infant milk, food, domestic supplies, medical insurance for all the children and staff etc and in June they Appreciated staff who worked in the hard times of Corona with 4.420.000 Uganda Shillings and the Staff were so grateful for the love and care you showed them.

Children Need Parents has really done a lot to this Home and I cannot finish all. They continuously support our disabled children with schools fees and scholastic materials whenever they go to school. All our Houses are operating well because of your help and everyone is happy.

We again thank our Germany Donors (Partner Chaft Gesude Welt) who also continuously support the Home in so many things to make it run. They have done a lot of renovations and giving running costs to help run different activities in the Home. We also got a Covid 19 staff bonus of 1.278.000 and the staff appreciated for all the love and care.

We are all moving on well.

The Home is moving on well with 48 children 22 girls and 26 boys.

The children are well but one new baby Keron Mucyo is being admitted due to severe malnutrition and anemia.

The Staff is doing well too and they pray for the best in all that you do.

New Children

We got 3 new babies the twins Nyakato Rhoda and Nyangoma Rose who lost their mother at the time of birth. Their mother has excessive bleeding and could not be controlled. Their father is helpless cannot take care of them. Another one Keron Mucyo 3 months old who was abandoned by his parents in the house was rescued by the area Local Council 1 and the neighbors. He is totally malnourished and anemic and is in the hospital admitted.

Our Christmas party was later done by serving good food from our local donors who made it for us. The local community mobilized and gave us food and meat to eat on that day and after lunch gifts were given out to the children and some were received by their mothers. All these funds were from Children Need Parents where every child got a present and they were very happy for the gifts. Thank you CNP team for the support.


  1. We appreciate the international Donors especially Children Need Parents, Partner Chaft Gesude Welt Volunteers and the local Donors who continuously support the Home especially in this Covid 19 crisis.

  2. We thank Marina for all the new renovations especially the playground for the children, Rail Guards, window mesh, Laundry lines, water tank project and others.

  3. To the Spanish volunteers who help in so many things especially feeding the children, buying clothes and buying some pampers.

  4. To all the staff members who make this Home move on very well.

  5. To all the Trustees and Board Members for the love and support despite of the little time they have.

  Thank you Lord for the Love and Care you provide for us.

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