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Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let me hope all is well in this Covid 19 period.

Home status

The Home is moving on well with 43 children 20 girls and 23 boys.

The Staff is doing well and we send our heartfelt gratitude to Marina for the salary bonus she gave us in this Covid 19 crisis. May the good Lord bless you so much.

We have resettled 9 children back to their homes and they are doing well when we do follow up exercises.  We resettled Christine, Juliana, and Angel on adoption process, Barbra, Godwin, Mike, Grace, Michael and Patricia.

We thank God that in these 2 months no child has fallen sick. Glory back to God.

New Children

In August we got one child Lana Tendo 8 months who was abandoned by her own mother at her relatives place. The father is so sick and weak and cannot take care of the baby. The probation officer and the Police in charge of children brought her in the Home for rescue.

We did not receive any child in September.

Physiotherapy classes

The physiotherapy classes are going on well and they normally attend to the children every Tuesday. Kisembo John who had Club feet is being attended to every week and there is big change.

Kasiisi project

Kasiisi is doing well. We have planted different crops especially vegetables like beans, groundnuts, Cassava, pumpkins and many others.

Kagote project

Kagote is doing very well too. We have matooke and some vegetables.

Our children are doing well and we still use our playing ground to play. Very few visitors come to donate food because so many people lost their jobs so they don’t have money.

Golden Jubilee

We celebrated our Golden Jubilee in a scientific way and it was so colorful with prayers from our two Bishops.

The children enjoyed the music and we had good food.



  1. We appreciate the international Donors, Volunteers and the local Donors who continuously support the Home especially in this Covid 19 crisis.

  2. To the Spanish volunteers who help in so many things especially feeding the children, buying clothes and buying some pampers.

  3. To all the staff members who make this Home move on very well.

  4. To all the Trustees and Board Members for the love and support despite of the little time they have.

  Thank you Lord for the Love and Care you provide for us.

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