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I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Toro Babies Home wishes you all the best in whatever you do.


The Home is moving on well with 46 children 22 girls and 24 boys.


James Mwesige

James is 1 week old. He lost his mother at the time of birth due to severe bleeding. The father is helpless and cannot take care of this small baby. He has 4 other siblings who are also not sure where to be because the father is helpless.


Patience Kasemiire Kala

Patience is 2 days old. She is born of mentally sick mother who is also HIV positive. We took her for checkup and she is on medication until 6 months when they will check her again.


Patience is very small with 2.1 kilograms and this Volunteer is giving her warmth

The Staff is fine and working hard to make the Home move on well.

Our study center is looking good and the children like it so much. Teacher Irene is doing well and the children like her classes.


  1. We appreciate the international Donor Children Need Parents who continuously support the running of the Home, pay staff salaries and daily food and milk that we use, Volunteers and the local Donors who continuously support the Home especially in this Covid 19 crisis.

  2. We thank Marina for all the love and support when she bought for us new water harvest tanks and toy boxes to keep our toys and renovating the sandpit.

  1. To the Spanish volunteers who help in so many things especially feeding the children, buying clothes and buying some pampers and making some birthday parties for the children.

  2. To all the staff members who make this Home move on very well and always putting a smile on these innocent souls.

  3. To all the Trustees and Board Members for the love and support despite of the little time they have.

  Thank you Lord for the Love and Care you provide for us.

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